A Dedication to Authentic Lasting Change

The ability to make healthy decisions is a skill we begin developing at a young age. Through genetics, interpersonal skills, and environmental experiences we learn to make the decisions we have made. At Canyon View, we can’t change the decisions a person has made, but we can help them make a series of healthy decisions.

Deep Dive Cue Extinction

At every stage of treatment, Canyon View’s focus is on our client’s independent thinking modality. Through behavior therapy, we help clients better interpret their thoughts, so that they can neutralize (if not eliminate) the dangerous, self- defeating thinking that cues the abuse of and addiction to alcohol and other drugs.
We call this process “cue extinction”, and we deep dive into it with CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) and CBR (cognitive behavioral renewal). Using these therapies, our clients not only recognize their ‘cues’ but they also know what those cues look, feel, and taste like. Empirical data suggests CBT produces changes in the brain similar to those produced by medications. This is just one of many reasons why we are proud to make it our platform for long-term patient recovery and renewal.

Decisions are Individual

No two people are the same. This is especially true in alcohol and drug recovery. This is why Canyon View does not have a regimented, turn- key, one size fits all program. We encourage our clients to “paint their canvas of treatment” with individualized treatment plans and the opportunity to select the times that work best for them. By leaving it flexible, we don’t just teach a ‘one-day-at-a-time’ approach, we also give them the chance to practice it.
At Canyon View, every resident is an individual client, not part of a group caseload. There are group therapy sessions, but there are also more individual activities such as hikes through the Weir Canyon Wilderness, nutritional education and life coaching. Our veteran clinical staff of therapists and care givers are ready to create the optimal treatment plan for each of our clients.

Encouraging Healthy Lifestyles

The personal decisions we’ve made are based on our relationships, environment, abilities and preferences. We also individually create and apply strategies for accomplishing our life goals, nourishing meaningful relationships and sustaining our personal belief systems. The combination of these decisions and strategies with the world we live in today creates our lifestyles.
With a focus on cue extinction, Canyon View helps redesign lifestyles. Our treatment team is skilled at intervening between counterproductive enabling components, and primary cueing mechanisms. We merge your lifestyle into your recovery with a process that is proving to be a dynamic new alternative for those who have been repeating the same treatment modality and self-help programs for years with little or no improvement.
It’s time to make a lasting change. We specialize in helping you do it.

Canyon View is a picturesque premier facility overlooking the Weir Canyon Wilderness just east of Anaheim California.