The staff at Canyon View is dedicated to meeting the needs of their clients. From intake to recovery, we support the rehabilitation process with a focus on respect, professionalism and our patient’s sobriety. Our staff to client ratio is one of the highest in the industry, making our team an integral part of the Canyon View experience. We ensure our clients receive the attention they expect and deserve.

Surroundings are an important part of our client’s recovery; therefore, we create an environment that facilitates the healing process. We are located in Anaheim California, overlooking the beautiful Weir Canyon Wilderness. As a team, we strive to maintain an emotionally nurturing atmosphere that is also medically supportive. While our client’s success is ultimately dependent on their dedication, we provide the necessary support for fostering sustained sobriety.

Meet Some of Our Team Members

Elisabeth Winchell

I am passionate about working with families in crisis and helping them develop hope through adaptive communication. I believe in miracles.
-Elisabeth Winchell, associate director of Canyon View Treatment Centers.

In the substance abuse industry for over twenty years, Elisabeth has a Master’s Degree in Psychology from the Phillips Graduate Institute. She is CATC IV certified, and a pre-licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.
Elisabeth’s experience ranges from prescription opioid and benzodiazepine use, trauma, disordered eating, and women’s recovery needs. She’s worked with a range of patients, from active duty marines to women at a variety of California -based treatment centers. She joins Dr. Michael Meredith and our wonderful team of dedicated professionals,

Mallory Melton

I love helping people feel better, no matter what chapter of their life they’re in.
-Mallory Melton, Licensed Pharmacy Technician at Canyon View Treatment Centers

After working with seniors and disabled individuals, Mallory became interested in medications and started studying at CNI College in Orange, CA. In 2013, Mallory completed her externship, gaining a working knowledge of both open and closed door pharmacies.
Mallory switched to working in detox and residential facilities in 2014. While at Canyon View, she utilizes her growing knowledge of medications to help clients comfortably withdraw from substances while in treatment. Her focus remains on keeping her clients as comfortable as possible. When not working, Mallory spends time on the beach or with her partner Brian and their fur babies.