Many people may experience the symptoms of drug addiction for years without even noticing the consequences or problems associated with addiction. Eventually though they will ask the Million Dollar Question: “Am I a drug addict?” While it’s true that there are people that can act out addictive behaviors without having problems many, many more will suffer from frequent problems ranging from trivial to life-threatening. Getting diagnosed by a professional, and getting the correct diagnosis, will mark the starting point for a whole new sober life, as well as making life-changes that will affect work, school, family and more.


How to Insure a Correct Diagnosis:

1. Tell the Truth

 Don’t try to cover up or minimize your symptoms.

2. Express your concerns

 If you have an concerns about the diagnostic process, your health, or any other relevant issue, let the staff know as soon as possible. Being distracted with concerns can affect the accuracy and completeness of the information you provide, which can affect your eventual diagnosis.

3. Ask for Help

If you have problems with reading or understanding forms or questionnaires, ask for help.

4. Accept and Experience Your Feelings

Expect to experience emotions as you go over your history and symptoms, and let the clinician know if you feel upset.

5. Cooperate with Professionals

Be patient and cooperate with the clinic’s process. There is usually a way you can give feedback if there are things you are not happy with, but deal with this afterwards rather than during your assessment.

Canyon View can help you get diagnosed correctly, and help you begin your new life… Starting Today.