Looking for help for a client?

When someone you know in a professional capacity is addicted to drugs or alcohol, It puts you in a challenging position. If you’re a therapist or a doctor or other service provider, you don’t have the emotional connection to your client that a loved one would – one that could encourage them to seek treatment. However, it is possible that they will respect your viewpoint and recommendations more than they would someone that they are closer to since you are a professional in your field.

As a medical or health care professional, you know exactly how dangerous drug and alcohol addiction can be. You know that your client is at risk for many diseases, brain damage, and even an untimely death due to their substance abuse. The fact that you are looking for a service that can help them proves that you know just how important getting that help is.

We help them Succeed

At Canyonview, we can help your client take the next (or first) step in their recovery process. Whether they have relapsed many times or this is their first time in a detox facility, we know how to deal with the immediate danger first – the regular use of a dangerous substance. At our treatment center, your client will be served by a team of trained professionals who can help them through the challenge of withdrawal as well as help develop techniques so that they can stay sober once they have left our facility.

As a medical professional, you know you have a responsibility to help your patients stay as healthy as possible. Once you know someone is abusing drugs or alcohol, he or she needs trained, professional help – not just instructions that they need to quit. We provide individualized help, and only house a dozen patients at a time. Once they’ve gotten through the painful withdrawal process, we concentrate on identifying the real triggers that cause them to go back to drugs or alcohol, so that they can quit once and for all.

We consider primary care doctors and other medical professionals as part of our wider team in the community, helping patients recognize when their substance use has gotten out of control. Thank you for recommending Canyon View. We are excited to help keep your patients healthy for decades to come.