Looking for help for a loved one?

One of the most painful discoveries is finding out that someone you love is addicted to drugs or alcohol. Often, the addict has been careful to hide this behavior for months, years, or even decades, until it finally becomes obvious to the people around them. If someone you love is in this situation, you may be afraid. Or perhaps they have relapsed once again, and you are simply tired of the cycle of hope and disappointment that comes with loving an addict. Wherever you are in the process, Canyon View is ready to support both you and your loved one.

Seeking Help is A Personal Decision

Depending on your relationship, you might have a different level of control over when and where this person seeks treatment. Parents can insist that their children find a rehab center immediately, while the child of an addict, can sometimes only suggest seeking treatment. What’s important to realize is that their addiction is not your fault. It is also not your responsibility to make them better. But, if you can, you should suggest that they find a quality treatment center as soon as possible.

Loving an addict is hard -especially when drug and alcohol abuse can cause them to pull away from their family and become a seemingly different person. It can also have negative long-term effects on their health and even lead to an early death. There are many dangers in drug use, so the sooner a person enrolls in treatment, the better.

The Personalized Attention They Deserve

At Canyon View, we only treat a dozen patients at a time. We do this so that we can treat every person who walks through our doors as an individual. We specialize in determining the triggers that lead to drug or alcohol abuse and helping addicts develop new coping strategies. Those who have relapsed numerous times often find success at Canyon View, because we know that the real work begins after withdrawal is complete.

When someone you care about is abusing drugs or alcohol, sometimes it can feel like you are interacting with the addiction, and not the person you used to know. They may resist suggestions of treatment at first, but do not lose hope. Finding a way to get them the help that they need to become sober again is the most loving thing you can do.

When they are ready, Canyon View is here to help.