The first step to living a healthy life is clearing dangerous chemicals out of your body. This is best done with medical detox. Canyon View Treatment Centers Detox Program provides medically monitored detoxification for drugs and alcohol.
Our detoxification program is designed to be as comfortable as possible, encouraging a safe transition into recovery. It’s also designed to be effective. We treat detox as part of a larger recovery process, one that leads to lifelong sobriety and success.

Start Over Safely

The detox process is often painful, and sometimes it is life threatening. Our professional staff is experienced with medical detoxification, and are dedicated to helping our clients recover in the gentlest way possible.

When detox is not completed in a medical setting, it is much easier to return to the addiction. For many, the pain is unbearable, causing them to go back to their substance of choice. We provide a safe and healthy alternative to going cold turkey.

Part of a Larger Process

Detoxification is the first step in a personalized treatment program. Before we can help clients make lasting changes, we must first minimize the harmful effects of the substances they have been using.

When clients arrive at Canyon View, our medical team evaluates their condition and creates their optimal detoxification program. They then speak with our staff psychiatrist, beginning the process of recovery. Finally, they meet with a family practitioner, who oversees their health throughout the detox process.
Our clients are supported throughout the process, with counselors on-call to help clients cope and grow from the experience.

Concierge Level Detox

Our onsite sub-acute detox services are designed to meet clients where they are. Unlike traditional centers, our focus is on a complete recovery, even if it requires more than we offer. Although our clients enjoy safe and effective detoxification in a serene location, we understand that a full detox is the foundation of a full recovery. If emergency care is needed, we transport our clients to the necessary facility.

At Canyon View, the recovery process begins during detox. Therapists meet with our clients the first day they arrive and continue throughout the rehab process. Like our detox services, the entire Canyon View program is one that focuses on you.
If you or someone you love is ready to begin a new chapter in their lives, contact Canyon View today. We’ll help you start your detox program so you can start healing.