Supporting Both Men & Women

At Canyon View Treatment Center, we treat both men and women to help them overcome their substance abuse challenges.

Since we are an inpatient treatment center, we house all clients on our campus. We maintain gender-segregated living accommodations, so men and women will live among people of their same gender. However, the two facilities operate jointly, so the experience is not entirely gender segregated.

Gender-Specific Groups

We maintain gender-specific groups and meetings. We believe this is the most effective way of giving people a safe place to discuss their struggles with a group of individuals who understand what they are going through. We also believe that there are specific challenges based on gender, even though all addicts share many of the same struggles. By offering same-gender groups, we want to provide a comfortable space for our clients to discuss their challenges.

In our men’s groups, we focus on the challenges of being a man in the modern world. Some examples include helping our male clients learn how to become a good parent and a good partner, getting in touch with emotions, expressing feelings, and dealing with challenges such as grief and loss. We have found that many men turn to substances because they are an easy way of covering up emotions, and we want to help our male patients learn to regulate their emotions in a healthier way.

Our women’s groups discuss similar topics, but in a different way that addresses the unique challenges that are faced by women. We discuss issues such as helping women develop a sense of self as an individual outside of their relationships to other people and outside of their looks. We have found that developing this strong sense of self can help women make healthier choices throughout their life. We also discuss parenting and emotional self-regulation. Finally, we help female clients create their own boundaries and empower them to make their own choices.

Addressing the Issues at Their Core

We firmly believe in the benefits of group therapy and know that it is helpful for those in recovery to talk to people going through the same struggles as themselves. By separating the two groups, we make sure that everyone has a safe place to discuss what he or she are working on. Plus, the gender-segregated living quarters ensure that the focus stays on recovery rather than on the potential distraction of the opposite sex. At Canyon View, we help our clients become a full, healthy person, with lessons tailored to who they are.