Cocaine, sometimes known as coke, is a stimulant that is often used recreationally. It is snorted, smoked or injected.

There are a number of ways to recognize cocaine use. If you suspect your loved one might be using cocaine, look for signs of hyperactivity, increased enthusiasm or agitation, disinhibition, and involuntary movement.

The Impact of Cocaine

Cocaine use can cause long-term damage to the heart. It can lead to inflammation of heart tissue and even heart cell death. It can directly lead to heart attacks and cardiac arrest, or rupture of the aorta. These heart failures could also result in brain damage, and an increased risk of having a stroke since the blood supply to the brain is interrupted.

Even recreational use of the drug is dangerous. It can make it difficult to carry out daily responsibilities, and in the long term can decrease cognitive performance. Plus, if a person injects cocaine, there are also risks of contracting a blood-borne illness.

Treating Cocaine

There are two primary methods for treating cocaine addiction, often used conjointly. The first is behavioral therapy. This method focuses on addressing the motivations and underlying psychological issues behind the drug addiction. By addressing underlying issues, the physical aspects of the addiction can be managed as well, and relapse will be less likely.

In the short term, contingency management, which focuses on providing external incentives for positive behaviors, can be successful. However, it usually does not work in the long term. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, which helps to refocus the ways of thinking that lead to drug use, is considered a better long-term solution.

Pharmacological therapies can also treat the dependence in a physical way. This therapy administers drugs that mimic cocaine’s effects under careful supervision. They then give the patient progressively smaller doses as a method of weaning them off of dependence.

Finding Treatment

A cocaine addiction is dangerous and requires immediate attention. If you or someone you know suffers from and addiction to cocaine, it is important to get treatment at a professional center such as ours. At Canyon View, they can recover from the addiction with professional help. Call today and learn more about our services.