Many treatment centers claim to be ‘different,’ Canyon View really is. Our focus on the individual allows us to zero in on the core issues behind addiction and alcoholism. Our serene setting in the beautiful Weir Canyon Wilderness puts distance between the constant buzz of everyday life and our clients, removing many of the triggers that led to their self-defeating decisions and behaviors.

Canyon View doesn’t maintain a one-size-fits-all approach to drug and alcohol recovery. We offer our clients multiple tracks and treatment schedules. There is also no standard Canyon View client. Our treatment programs can be customized to fit the needs of students, executives, and everyone in between. We are an alternative to ‘fixed length’ residential treatment centers programs that run a set number of days, are prohibitively expensive, and offer very little individual support.

Small Size, Personalized Care

Canyon View is a 12-bed co-ed residential facility with state of the art detox certification. We accept clients wherever they are – be it, confused, concerned, lost or fearful. We understand that the path to recovery is often frightening, and we honor those with the courage and uniqueness to pursue help.
Our program offers concierge level detox. Our caregiver and medical staff maintain a broad understanding of the detox process and use their years of experience to create a comforting and professional experience for our clients. Through individualized communication both in-person, via phone or in real-time video, we help our clients find the answers within themselves. We acknowledge their pain, while also helping them shape a new story for their lives.
Individual results are not the product of constant group lectures. There is no pre-conceived notion that we have all the answers, so we do not attempt to give them. Instead, we use the Time Zone Theory, which suggests that clients thrive outside of structured schedules and mandatory group meetings. At Canyon View, the focus is on our client’s authentic interaction with counselor’s, therapists and caregivers.

Lasting Results

Rehabilitation is often a life-long process, and many of our clients are not new to it. For them, we’ve created a regression and relapse prevention track. Its goal is identifying the cueing mechanisms that lead to self-destructive thoughts and their eventual self-defeating mechanisms.
As a client- centered substance abuse treatment program, we address the root causes leading to self-medication and negative lifestyle choices. We support our clients after detox with CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy). We also offer eco (wilderness) therapy, art therapy, spiritual directive therapy, reality therapy and lifestyle intervention. Personalized treatments are what makes our program unique. We teach our clients the concepts of self-help programming in a manner that is most suited for them – one that leads to their lasting sobriety. We do not choose the path for our clients; we guide, educate and mentor.

Canyon View Treatment Center welcomes patients from throughout Southern California, including San Clemente, Orange County, Newport Beach, and Laguna Beach, as well as Nationwide. We work with families to provide an individualized treatment program that is effective and affordable. We accept many Behavioral Health insurance plans as a certified out-of-network provider. We also partner with experienced health insurance specialists to maximize treatment authorizations and reimbursement.
If you are ready to experience a treatment center that is focused on the individual; one filled with hope, love, and life, call us today.